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      No texto da OCIMF, recomenda-se aos proprietários de rebocadores:

      “the eye of the towline to be at least 1800mm in length. This is to ensure that when placed over a strong point with a minimum diameter of 600mm the angle of spread of the two legs at the throat of the eye is not so wide or extreme as to distort the spliced legs under load”

      “because of their very high strength relative to size and weight and for ease of handling, towing assemblies to be made of high modulus synthetic fibre ropes”

      O que seria a “eye of the towline” e o “towing assemblies” exatamente?

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      eye of towline – mão do cabo (ou “laço” que fica na ponta do cabo para encapelar no cabeço).

      towing assemblies – composição do cabo.

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